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At dabba junction our aim is to make it easy and convenient for you to make healthy meal choices whether you are at home or at work. With the corporate and sedentary lifestyle taking over and most of today′s work done with a few clicks, leaving no time for physical exercise — man′s life has become a laptops that need constant charging to keep running . So does the body, we provide you with the lunch meal, made non oily and healthy that ensures your body with the right amount of energy keeping you active to boost your productivity through the day not making you lazy.



dabba junction is started by professionals from institute of hotel management bangalore on 2015.we are currently serving around 50 corporates in bangalore.,we maintain very high standards of taste,quality and hygiene.

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There are some amazing offerings across Food for a real Indian feast Credit:Dabba Junction has also been named 'Best in the Food Delivery' Delivery areas domlur,indira nagar,old airport road,ulsoor,old madras road,kasturi nagar,banaswadi,rammurthy nagar.etc

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